WHAT I KNOW: Having a Dream Job isn’t just a Dream Anymore!

Are you tired of saying, “Someday I will_____” but never getting to that someday? Stuck in a rut or dead end career?  Are you burned out from a career going nowhere? Are you ready to return to the work force but really don’t want to go back to the job you left? Is your job only a means to paying the bills?

Do you wish you could just leave your day job and launch your dream career?

I know what that feels like. I used to dread Sunday nights because it was a reminder that Monday morning was just around the corner and Monday morning meant returning to the same old same old career; a career I had originally loved but became jaded by the boredom, the paperwork, the office politics and drama and most of all the fact that I was living someone else’s dream!

I wanted to work at something that mattered to me. I wanted a job I loved going to but wasn’t sure it was even possible.

But, I realized the only way I would not have limits on my income, my time or my creativity was to be the boss. Up to that time, I guess I thought I was the boss of my life but I knew I was only fooling myself when it came to calling the shots, where my career was concerned. The person who gave me my paycheck really called the shots and I was so tired of it!

That’s when I decided to really be the boss and start my own business. Was it hard work? You bet! Did it take time and energy? More than you know!  Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! ONE THOUSAND TIMES ABSOLUTELY!

I have flexible time, the ability to pick and choose who I work with and most of all unlimited income potential. I enjoy what I do more than I ever dreamed possible. What’s not to love about that? 

So what’s a career designer?  I am!  I know all the steps you need to take to leave you day job and start your dream job. I know how to develop an idea, create your business, find your ideal client, develop your platform and create the revenue stream so you finally have the job you really want; the one you love even on Mondays!

And I know YOU can have that too.

  • What if I could show you how to find the fire everyone is given, grow it and turn it into the best future you will ever know?
  • What if I could give you the tools to take your passion and create your dream job?
  • What if I could teach you every step you need to hang out your shingle and say, “OPEN for BUSINESS?”
  • What if I could give you all the resources to find your ideal client to make your business incredibly successful?
  • What if I could help you design the kind of job you would be excited about going to no matter WHAT day of the week it was?

I can. All you need to do is let me know when YOU ARE READY!

Ready to say “I’m glad I did” instead of always saying  “I wish I had”.Ready to stop wishing things would change. Ready to stop procrastinating and telling yourself “someday”. Ready to work for your goals and your dreams on your terms.

Whether you are burned out from a career that no longer feels like the right fit, ready for your second career or just seeking a change from  building someone else’s dream…I can help you learn how to leave your day job and create the dream job you always imagined, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Oh, and if you wondered if I might be the right person for you, check out what others have to say on the products page.

If you think working for some other person’s dream is ideal or capping your salary is the perfect way to create your future then I’m probably not the person for you, but if you are REALLY ready to say good-bye to burn-out and hello to the career you design and if you are TRULY serious about doing something different with your life, something you always wanted but never believed you could have, then we are a perfect fit! And I will guarantee it!

Let’s get to know one another. Just complete the contact form and you’ll get a FREE ½ hour consult and if you think we might be good together, you still only have to commit for whatever time you want and you can PAY ME BY THE MINUTE!

If you think it’s finally time to Be Your Own Boss. You’re Right!

CHECK OUT THE PRODUCTS and Let’s Get Going.  I want to help you get out of the rut, leave the job you hate, really change directions this time and go from BURNED OUT to FIRED UP! Let’s Make Your Passion Happen NOW!   Purchase Online Now!


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